How to Wear Color at Every Age

Want to mix up your wardrobe but not exactly sure how to do it and stay true to your style (and age)? Color is a great way to add a dash of fun and flare to your look regardless of your date of birth. From bold reds to bright pinks, look no further for tips on wearing color at every age from twenty to sixty-plus. 


In your twenties, you can go for a more bold look, even show a bit more skin if it suits you. A colorful top or sweater can be paired with a simple pair of white jeans, printed pants or even a colorful skirt in a tone that compliments. It's all about versatility. Pieces that can easily go from day to night, boardroom to cocktails. 



As you get older, your style needs may change. Maybe you want to accentuate certain parts of your body, change the length of a hemline or cover up a bit more. Whatever your current wardrobe consists of, make sure to add color! Pinks and blues can be playful and sophisticated. Pairing blouses and sweaters with a fitted knee length skirt, white jeans and cropped printed pants is a chic and refined way for women in their forties and fifties to wear color appropriately. Accessories also play a huge role and can add just the right finishing touch to any ensemble.




Women in their sixties and seventies (and eighties) have earned the right to look fabulous without trying to look younger. Women at this stage in their lives have a stronger sense of self and more self confidence. At this age, women know how to dress for who they are. Color can only accentuate the good! Stick with the silhouettes that work for your body and integrate color into your existing wardrobe. 

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